Connect Battle Reference Sheet

A quick reference for connect battles. This is intended as a refresher for veteran players, might be a good idea to still look at the connect bosses' page to make sure everything is in order and you don't do something horribly embarrassing :^)

Name Major Field Drop List Fire Water Earth Light Dark Notes

Ragnarok Annihilates!
Eclipse Field, Gravity Field Destruction Helm (Sp.) 120 100 100 20 160

Vulnerable to Sif cheese.

Phase 1 Crystals reflect ATK, Phase 2 Crystals reflect MATK, Phase 3 Crystals near crystals reflect ATK, far crystals reflect MATK.

Ragnarok removes barriers, but shield effects are fine.

Walpurgis Annihilates!
Gravity Field Dress of the End (Sp.) 50 100 130 80 140

Vulnerable to Sif cheese.

Although the back crystals are annoying and can lead to stall outs with bad RNG, it is possible to ignore them and still win.

Multihit effects may be required in the 2nd and 3rd phases to close them out. Consider using MATK gear on ATK rangers if that's all you can field.

Ultima Annihilates!
Gravity Field, Void Field War Cannons (Sp.) 170 30 70 100 130

Void Field makes it possible to use heros and equipment that the boss is otherwise resistant against.

If you use Urd, avoid using her SP weapons and instead load up on HP up gear. Using Urd's SP may save some of your other heroes, but if Urd ever becomes lowest HP she will probably die from brand.

Phase 1 is magic shields, phase 2 is physical shields, phase 3 is both.

Utgardar Annihilates!
Mist Field Universal Crown (Sp.) 100 90 90 150 70

Reckoning to all races means the only way to heal up is from HP up effects.

Some form of debuff immunity is required. Odin and Freya are usable since the only thing that would stop them is Utgardar's active.

How safely you can navigate this connect is entirely based on how quickly you can kill the near crystals without bashing your head in on the counterattack. Unfortunately the most effective heros to use against Utgardar are multi hitters and don't have the greatest of light resistances. If you remember doing Ofnir, this is basically reverse Ofnir. For crystal breaking, some form of damage up against beasts is suggested if you can field it.

Nerthus Annihilates!
Void Field Deep Garb (Sp.) 100 160 40 140 60
Name Major Field Drop List Fire Water Earth Light Dark Notes

Ofnir Strikes!
Eclipse Field Ofnir's Horn (Sp.), Ofnir's Claw 120 180 40 80 80

All enemies will have a multihit barrier on them, as such it's not possible to reliably damage anything except by counterattack and reflect effects.

Fafnir Helms will be critical to winning.

Ymir Strikes!
Gravity Field Genesis Armor (Sp.), Genesis Ender 70 100 70 80 180

Back Crystals act as force multipliers to ymir, it's recommended to kill them quickly.

Angrboda Strikes!
Eclipse Field Destia Pythones (Sp.), Night Mare 180 30 100 70 120

Front 3 will take heaviest damage, it may be necessary to keep healers out of the front 3 as most of them are either weak to fire or not eclipse resistant.

Mimir Strikes!
Mist Field All-Knowing Quill (Sp.), Wisdom Dress 30 100 180 100 90

MATK will heal the enemies.

Bestla Strikes!
Gravity Field Guardian Swords (Sp.) 100 120 100 140 40

It's not possible to damage Bestla without killing all crystals unless you are using shield ignoring effects.

Name Major Field Drop List Fire Water Earth Light Dark Notes

Fenrir Strikes!
Mist Field Sinir Flame Ring, Sinir High Flame Ring, Vigrid 50 160 100 50 140

A lot of the usable heroes are also fairly weak to water. Definitely consider using field rings on 7 and 8 star if you cannot kill crystals fast enough.

Aegir Strikes
Gravity Field Nyt Flame Ring, Nyt High Flame Ring, Tentaclemail 130 150 70 100 50

Males are slowed. Do not use unless you have some way to consistently apply quick.

Kill near crystals to stop curse.

Avoid using Dark due to reflect.

Nidhogg Strikes!
Mist Field Sinir Holy Ring, Sinir High Holy Ring, Eye of Nidhogg 110 90 70 50 180

Boelthor Strikes!
Eclipse Field Nyt Holy Ring, Nyt High Holy Ring, Shadow Gauntlets 110 110 110 20 150

Back crystals are invincible, attacking them is suicide.

Hraesvelgr Strikes!
Mist Field Sylgr Chaos Ring, Sylgr High Chaos Ring, Sky Fusil 100 100 80 160 60

Must eliminate the near 2 crystals before you can reliably damage the boss.

All enemies are on the same row, use Dark AoEs.

Sleipnir Strikes!
Eclipse Field Nyt Chaos Ring, Nyt High Chaos Ring, Dios Cuerno 80 80 100 180 60

Attacking crystals will result in light element counterattack, make sure that your heros can take it if you are using AoE effects (counterattack is calculated per crystal hit).

Petrify is applied to a lot of races, but most of them can use Hardstone.

Marmalade Strikes!
Eclipse Field Sylgr Flame Ring, Sylgr High Flame Ring, Mermaid Bikini 70 120 100 140 70

Females will be taking a long nap if they are not the frontmost of the line.

MATK is heavily debuffed, bring some way to negate that or use primarily ATK based DPS.

Jormungand Strikes!
Gravity Field Sinir Chaos Ring, Sinir High Chaos Ring, Jormungand Bow 100 130 20 180 70

Surtr Strikes!
Eclipse Field Sinir Leaf Ring, Sinir High Leaf Ring, Inferno Helm 180 50 100 70 100

Vidofnir Strikes!
Mist Field Sylgr Leaf Ring, Sylgr High Leaf Ring, Laevateinn 180 10 110 100 100

Mist field can be almost completely ignored due to the boss's extreme weakness to water.

Fafnir Strikes!
Gravity Field Nyt Aqua Ring, Nyt High Aqua Ring, Fafnir Helm 40 100 160 60 140

Multihit weapons are preferred, consider using many MATK ranged to abuse deforesters and icicle cannons.

ATK based ranged can also equip them to help out.

Thiazi Strikes!
Mist Field Sylgr Aqua Ring, Sylgr High Aqua Ring, Thiazi Fur Coat 140 140 140 40 40

Some form of debuff immunity is strongly recommended.

Hrungnir Strikes!
Eclipse Field Sinir Aqua Ring, Sinir High Aqua Ring, Hardstone 60 60 180 100 100

ATK based damage will heal the boss until the near 2 crystals go down, DO NOT bring ATK damage unless you have a good way to do that.

Sinmara Strikes!
Gravity Field Nyt Leaf Ring, Nyt High Leaf Ring, Volcanic Spear 160 30 100 140 70

Near crystals reflect ATK.

Heidrun Strikes!
Gravity Field Sylgr Holy Ring, Sylgr High Holy Ring, Calamity Bow 80 100 110 50 160

Medjed Strikes!
Mist Field Sinir Chaos Ring, Sinir High Chaos Ring, Guardian Turban 140 60 100 140 60

Bring heavy dark AoE gear. To reliably win you must be able to either kill the crystals or at least damage them enough that their healing is not going onto the boss when she gets low.

Loewe Strikes!
Eclipse Field Sinir Aqua Ring, Sinir High Aqua Ring, Crest Axe 50 100 150 120 80

Back crystals must be destroyed before you can damage the boss.

The long windup on the boss's action skill will mean that eclipse field drops off quite often in 8 star, it may be safe to use non-eclipse field heroes depending on how well geared they are.

Xiang Tong Strikes!
Void Field Sylgr Aqua Ring, Sylgr High Aqua Ring, Eastern Sword 50 70 180 130 70

Near Crystals absorb MATK, far Crystals reflect ATK. Probably easiest to just ignore back crystals, treat as if they're the same as Boelthor's with the caveat of ATK based limit bursts will also be reflected.

Someone like A.Fei can be full health for an entire run and then die when autoplay chooses her to limit burst twice in a row. Don't let that stop you from using her though, just give her some padding.

Yatsude Strikes!
Void Field Sinir Holy Ring, Sinir High Holy Ring, Dark Wing Staff 130 70 100 50 150

Back crystals are invulnerable until you kill front crystals.

Near 3 targeting light gear/skills are extremely useful, but using too many may kill the user due to the counterattack shield lingering on the back crystals.

Humans in the back 2 will be silenced by the boss's action skill.

Rite of Water
None Jellyfish Rod 90 170 60 90 90

Rite of Earth
None Elderwood Staff 40 130 160 100 70

Neviria Strikes!
None Sylgr Holy Ring, Sylgr High Holy Ring, Heretic Blade 100 100 60 60 180

Prefer to use ATK due to MATK debuffs and a reflect barrier on near crystals.

Row based effects will hit everything.

Ranking connect rewards are for points only, the speed rankings are just for bragging rights.

Rite of Fire
None Lava Flame Rod 160 30 130 80 100

Rite of Light
None Holy Light Rod 110 100 110 140 40

Fubuki Strikes!
Mist Field Sinir Flame Ring, Sinir High Flame Ring, Snow Staff 100 160 40 130 70

Rite of Dark
None Black Feather Rod 130 100 70 30 170

Demolisha Strikes!
Mist Field Sylgr Leaf Ring, Sylgr High Leaf Ring, Boar Launcher 160 60 120 60 110
Name Major Field Drop List Fire Water Earth Light Dark Notes

Halloween Marmalade Strikes!
None Halloween Bikini (Sp.) 70 120 100 140 70

Volundr Strikes!
None Fusion Cotton Candy 140 60 140 120 40

niconico televi-chan strikes!
None niconico Sword 170 20 160 20 170

Xmas Thiazi Strikes!
None Winter Hat 130 130 150 50 40

Super Xmas Thiazi Strikes!
None Apprentice Santa Hat (Sp.), Snowflake Dress (Sp.), Festive Coat (Sp.) 130 130 150 50 40

Gala Garm Strikes!
None Doggy Paddle, Doggy Rope (Sp.), Garm Decoration, Spinny Top 70 100 100 70 160

Omega Rugal Strikes!
None Genocide Outfit 80 60 140 60 160

Hachune Miku Strikes!
None Hachune Leek 140 140 100 60 60

Akuma Strikes!
None Akuma's Essence 100 100 50 80 170

Armored Titan Strikes!
None ODM Gear, Scout Regiment Uniform 80 60 140 100 120

Colossal Titan Strikes!
None Placeholder 140 100 120 80 60

Heid-Nian Strikes!
None New Year Fireworks, Mantle of Nian (Sp.) 80 100 110 50 160

Pseudo DMS Unit-13 Strikes!
None Asuka's Zwei Knives 80 80 80 180 80

Prastos Strikes!
None Wonder Gem Rod, Assassin Ring, Ravishing Mask 160 30 120 130 60

Odin Strikes!
None Placeholder 50 50 100 180 120

Sweets Witch Strikes!
None Magically Imbued Scarf 70 70 130 70 160

Stage Witch Strikes!
None Theater Ring 70 100 130 170 30

Summer Skuld Strikes!
None Heart Sunglasses 150 120 50 130 50

Summer Brunhild Strikes!
None Blue Dragon Bow 100 140 60 140 60

Aesir/Dwarf preferred, ATK only.

Summer Night Battle
Gravity Field Festival Fan 120 90 90 50 150

Valorous Odin Strikes!
None Cultist's Robe 150 50 100 150 50

Amaterasu Strikes!
None Placeholder 180 40 100 100 80

Halloween Prastos Strikes!
None Carnivorous Wand 160 30 120 130 60

Back row gets hit really hard due to the buffs/debuffs and multiple things that target it. Make sure whoever you put back there can take the hits.

Connect Battle of the Dead
None Frankenthor (Sp.) 60 100 100 60 180

Twilight Harvest
None Placeholder 40 100 150 70 130

EXPO Hachune Miku Strikes!
None Hachune's Expo Dress (Sp.) 140 140 100 60 60

Miku EXPO <Midgard>
None MIKU EXPO Concert Shirt, Miku Key Strap 40 120 180 100 60

Xmas Feast
None Placeholder 130 80 80 60 150

Xmas Bash
None Placeholder 120 90 70 130 90

Phantom Ragnarok Strikes!
None Divine Shield 120 100 100 20 160

Gilthunder Strikes!
None Blade of Thunder 90 90 90 150 80

Nottluka would probably pass meliodas in usage if JP got miku before 7ds like global did. Light crystals are annoying but they explode fast enough with a bit of focus that you can afford to use a debuffer like chun-li or h.muninn to speed things up.

A lot of the fight will just be vs Gil, bring multi-hit effects that stack up when there's only 1 target remaining such as Thiazi coat, carnivorous wand.

Hendrickson Strikes!
None Demon Sword 80 80 140 30 170

Once again, we have heroes that would have done extremely well had JP gotten them before their 7ds collab. Mecha-fist rin makes for a very powerful offensive tank, Len with his costume provides devastating damage, and Xmas dielle doing the usual triple hit to 1 target thing along with anti-aesir buff.

It should be noted that when fully buffed by crystals, hendrickson has a very good chance of 1 shotting someone if they're not dark resistant. You probably can't go as aggressive as you did in Gilthunder's connect.

Demonic Urd Strikes!
None Purification Staff 90 90 90 70 160

New Year Banquet
None Placeholder 130 90 80 130 70

Pseudo EVA Surtr Strikes!
None Shinji's Magoroku Sword 160 30 120 80 110

Rampaging Walpurgis Strikes!
None Placeholder 20 130 170 110 70

AAA Wunder Battle Training
None Misato's Helm Sword 120 80 100 150 50

CNY Demolisha's Banquet
None Armor of the Beast, Fortune Hammer 160 50 120 60 110

Super Gala Garm Strikes!
None Doggy Paddle, Doggy Rope (Sp.), Garm Decoration, Spinny Top 70 100 100 70 160

Interdimensional Visitors
None Genie Lamp 140 60 100 140 60

Night of Debauchery
None Silver Robe, Bogen Einhorn 130 70 70 70 160

Noa's Chocolate Party
None Chocolate Rifle 40 140 90 90 140

Moonlit Spa
None Placeholder 140 100 60 50 150

Festive Spa
None Jasper Ring 120 60 100 140 80

Floral Festivities
None Placeholder 30 100 180 100 90

Blossom Banquet
None Placeholder 130 70 100 50 150

Sleepy Smash in Yamato
None Placeholder 180 40 100 100 80

Easter Carnival Waves
None Goldsong Necklace, Easter Wand 120 140 50 80 110

Hel's Battle Academy
None Placeholder 100 100 100 50 150

Crafters' Culmination
None Placeholder 140 60 140 120 40

Bombin' Party
None Placeholder 160 50 120 60 110
Name Major Field Drop List Fire Water Earth Light Dark Notes

Magni Decimates!
None Flame Earrings, Flame Hairpin 140 40 120 120 80