Bifrost Battle (Beginning)


Demon Surtr

Ice Queen Skadi

Genesis Prince Ymir
Action Skill 140% Fire ATK damage & Burn for 3 turns to nearest enemy row. *20% damage bonus against Aesir *Burn effect applies only to Aesir and Beasts 150% Water ATK damage & Freeze, Fear for 2 turns to 3 nearest enemies. *Freeze, Fear effects apply only to Aesir 150% Dark MATK damage to all enemies. *Ignores barriers
Fire Resist 180 50 70
Water Resist 50 180 100
Earth Resist 100 50 70
Light Resist 70 70 80
Dark Resist 100 150 180
Type Melee Melee Magic
Race Jotun Jotun Jotun
Gender Male Female Male
Hidden Traits Grounded Grounded Airborne
Damage Type ATK ATK MATK
Targeting Schema Nearest Row Nearest 3 All Enemies
Status Effects Burn Fear, Freeze
Targeted Races Aesir, Beast Aesir

Limit Burst

  • World Zero

    50% of average of ATK and MATK damage 10 times & Shade for 10 turns to all enemies.
    *Ignores Barriers & Shields
    *Shade effect applies only to Humans, Dwarves, Jotun, Beasts


Shade can be mitigated with Garm's candy bucket, allowing you to use critical debuffers such as awakened madoka and chun-li. Aesir in the first 3 slots of any team run the risk of being frozen and feared by Skadi, if you rely on urd or witch idun to keep a team alive you may need to shift them into back 2.

Suggested Heroes (With all racial restrictions)

Suggested Heroes (Ignoring Enemy Limit Burst)

Suggested Weapons

Farmable Gear

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