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Site Roadmap

Here I'll be listing stuff that I'm planning to work on, not necessarily in the order I plan to go through them:

1. Connect Battle information

2. Frequently used gear/heroes

3. Gear sets/loadouts

4. General appearance tweaks

5. Events listing/Calendar

6. Artwork for the heroes that don't have them yet

7. Orbs and where to get them/drop data/calculator

8. Tier lists/meme lists

9. Awakening data

10. Night mode


There's also going to be a ton of stuff that go unmentioned, but that's normal, I swear.

Signed up to say thanks for

Signed up to say thanks for the website. I like the layout and sorting and hope people will use it to comment on heroes & their helpfulness and such in the future. (As a sidenote after I made this account it said a validation email couldn't be sent to my email address. Just so you know.)

Heh, I've been mostly

Heh, I've been mostly focusing on building out features related to the game's data and ended up with no time to touch on the user side of things. Welcome aboard, feel free to bug me with ideas, I've been taking a ton of detours from the above list to put in suggestions I'm getting out of the vc discord, so odds are that I'll do the same for ideas put forward here.

Great site!

Hi just want to say I love this site:) good UI, really quick database and Garm XD

thanks for the hardwork :)


Thanks! Gives me more

Thanks! Gives me more motivation to keep at it!

Great website!

First off all, let me say that i really appreciate this website and the effort you're putting into this. As for the suggestions, i'd like a section where people can post their loadouts for certain connects/scenarios or collab events. That would help me and probably a lot of other players as well. 

As for the feedback, the site looks absolutely great! I know exactly where to look and the database is already immense!

Great job!

Yes! That is exactly what is

Yes! That is exactly what is planned with #3 in the list and is currently my highest priority to complete.

this site is entirely

this site is entirely incomplete without skill icons GOSH

(jk, thanks for all the work so far!)

I can get to the icons but

I can get to the icons but ateam has some weird ID silliness that makes it hard to associate icons with skills, I'd need to find a reference table of some kind to make that work.

Status List

I think there is one status missing, the "Resuscitation" gained from Chihaya. I think it augments healing but I don't know the numbers, Ty for the site it's really really helpful!

Excellent SIte!

I love your site and was hoping to get some help from you (I tried to PM but could not figure out how).  I am trying to build a "unit optimizer" that basicaly looks at unit characteristics and applies them to the various aspects of the game, this way for newer players with so  much to see they can kind of get an idea of where to focus their time and efforts.  I was hoping you had tables you use that already have things such as the hero stats, resistances, damage types, strength, etc.  I would then combine them with things like "weaknesses of connect bosses" and "viability in PVP" type things to basically create my own ranking system that was based on various factors (including things like "boosted in event x") any data tables you may already have (I plan to use Access because that is what I know, but I am sure you are using Python right) would save me a lot of time.  Please hit me up in a PM or email (same name on reddit too)

Well, private messaging

Well, private messaging functionality here didn't exist until about 5 minutes ago lol

I've sent you a message, see:


Woah cool planned content e̶x̶c̶e̶p̶t̶ ̶N̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶m̶o̶d̶e̶ ̶:̶^̶)̶, it would help new and inexperienced player (like me) and advanced player too.

Thanks for this resource site! あ(・∀・)り(・∀・)が(・∀・)と(・∀・)う!

Well, there's a reason that's

Well, there's a reason that's the last one I added up there :^)


Best web site for VC. Thanks !




Hello, I was wondering if you have recieved my private message?

I really need to get off my

I really need to get off my butt and polish up the user side of things, replied.

Is there anything we can do to help the site?

Huge thx for all your work so far as well :D


As of now there isn't much

As of now there isn't much that can be done, I've been meaning to complete and release loadouts for a while now but things keep coming up and break my flow. That will probably be the first major thing I'll be asking for contributions on whenever I get that done. If you're interested I've sent you a PM.

Hero usage data are now available

Hero usage data are now available for (most) connects.

Been a while, but I can finally partially check off something here :^)

I'll be updating the data bi-monthly, should be able to construct some aggregate statistics from it later on.

Edit: spoke too soon, awakened heroes are not showing up for some reason, gaaaaah

Edit2: fixed

Edit3: optimizing, sorry to those on phones! try landscape orientation for now

Edit4: fixed again... I think. Please say something if the rankings look very off to you!

Can you add the samurai's awakening?

Hi there, I'm HarpGal1123, and I was wondering if you could make an awakening for the samurai and other human characters? Thanx:)

I'm sorry but garm is merely

I'm sorry but garm is merely a fandog, not the official developers and so I cannot decide who gets awakened, sorry again!

Night mode is a thing

Ticking off another box today. It's a bit ugly, but it should do for the time being. Check the bottom of the page to switch.

Keep Calm and keep working this site!!!

Just made an account simply to express my utmost appreciation for this site. I started playing VC on 1st anniversary and been faithful every day since. I never could find a nice, proper ENGLISH database or relevant wiki until garm! Maeven, you are an aesir among humans, keep on keeping on!!!!!

Appreciation is always appreciated

Appreciation is always appreciated, and if possible, tell your friends about garm too!

Ne possible feature

If there could be anyway to be able to check the heroes you have in Valkyrie connect that would be awesome! Like a check box next to the hero would go a long way.

Hero ownership

Right, so I cobbled together something for that just now.

This will take you to a page where you can check which heroes you've marked as owned:

This will take you to a page where every hero is listed out so you bulk mark stuff:

If you want to share the list, there's a link for it in the first link. (here's mine for reference)

I will probably be doing some extra work on this in the next few days but let me know what you think.

WOW amazing job

What an amazing job you are doing ! you helped me a lot. i searched everywere for something like this. being able to put my team on this website and get the recomended characters for pvp and pve is amazing. 

I wish this could be in an APP on android. that would be legendary.

This site is awesome!

Hi there! I wanted to also express what amazing work you've done on all of these resources. I was wondering if you have any plans to update the site, as it seems it has been a little bit since the more recent heroes have been added. There doesn't seem to be any other resources for this game even close to what you've built here, so I really hope that it will remain active. :)

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