Change in skill when awakening (Renji/Ichigo)

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Change in skill when awakening (Renji/Ichigo)

Renji: Back Ally fire ring, berserk x3 turns --> 2 back allies fire ring, berserk x 3 turns

          Front Enemy Row 120% fire matk *ignore barrier, burn x3 turns to aesir, jotun and beast

Awakening Skill: Same as Dielle and Gylfi, grounded allies airborne killer 30%, opener 15% mdef and def debuff for 15 turns (All enemies)


Ichigo: Added Matk 20% up x  3 turns

           Damage is dark, skill scales with MATK

           First hit does Shadowbound instead of Shade (Scales with MATK)

           Second hit scales with MATK

Awakening Skill: Same as Matoi passive, Grounded allies grounded killer 20%, opener 15% def and mdef debuff for 15 turns (All enemies) 

Black Clover Skill Changes

Yuno: Self Quick x 3 --> Self Quick, Earth Ring x 3

           Skill does MDEF 20% down x 3 turns on the 3 front enemies hit

Awakening Skill: 3 highest MATK, MATK 20% Up Constant and 20% Beast Killer Constant


Noelle: Adds on skill, Front enemy 100% water MATK, Front 2 enemies 100% water MATK 

Awakening Skill --> Toughness Acceleration <3> (Op/Con), 3 highest MATK Quick x 5 turns (Opener) and HP 20% up (Constant)


Asta: Adds on skill, 2 back enemies 200% dark ATK, DEF 30% down x 3 turns and Confuse x 3 turns (Applies to Human, Elf and Beast)

Awakening Skill: Airborne Killer <Human> (Con.) All allied humans 30% Airborne Killer (Constant)

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