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The Sun God is Displeased! (1*- 9*)

Drops: Festival Coin, Cb Token, Small - Large Mana, Sinir/Nyt Flame (4*-6*), High Sinir/Nyt (7*-9*), Lightning Cutlery (7*-9*), Odd Box (9*)


Amaterasu, 2 magic fire magic crystals, 2 ranged fire force crystals


Amaterasu: Action Skill --> All enemies fire MATK, Burn x 3 turns (Affects Human, Jotun and Beast), DEF 20% down x 3 turns

                     Auto Skill --> All player parties fire MATK, Flamechain (Affects Human, Jotun and Beast), High Flame Field (Normal on 6*, high 7* and up), Gravity Field, (8* and up)


Magic Crystal: 3 enemies with lowest hp fire MATK, All enemies fire MATK, Corrupt x 2 turns


Force Crystal: Front ally row Stoneskin and Frenzy x 2 turns, 3 front enemies fire ATK

Herald of Awakening

Herald of Awakening (1*-9*)

Drops: Sephirah Coin, Cb Token, Small-Large Mana, Nyt/Sylgr Holy (4*-6*), Nyt/Sylgr High Holy (7*+), Thousand Maidens, Odd Chest II

Gullinkambi, 2 ranged water crystals, 2 ranged light automata


Gullinkambi: Action Skill --> Highest MATK and highest ATK, light MATK damage, Slow x 3 turns (Applies to Human, Elf and Therian), DEF and MDEF 20% down x 3 turns

                                               3 front enemies light MATK, Holychain x 3 turns (Applies to Human, Elf and Therian)

                                                All allies Shadow Clone x 1 turn, MATK 30% up x 3 turns and Boon (1 turn)

                       Auto Skill --> All parties light MATK, Poison x 3 turns, Stop x 5 turns (Applies to Human, Elf and Therian) and High Holy Field 


Water Crystal: All enemies water ATK 2 times, Slow and Exhaust x 2 turns, 50% MATK Shield x 2 turns to self


Automata: (Same as Skirnir back) Front ally Quick, Frenzy, Stoneskin x 2 turns, 20% skill gauge up, nullifies all damage to self, stopped by Shadowbound, Shade or Petrify

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