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The Sun God is Displeased! (1*- 9*)

Drops: Festival Coin, Cb Token, Small - Large Mana, Sinir/Nyt Flame (4*-6*), High Sinir/Nyt (7*-9*), Lightning Cutlery (7*-9*), Odd Box (9*)


Amaterasu, 2 magic fire magic crystals, 2 ranged fire force crystals


Amaterasu: Action Skill --> All enemies fire MATK, Burn x 3 turns (Affects Human, Jotun and Beast), DEF 20% down x 3 turns

                     Auto Skill --> All player parties fire MATK, Flamechain (Affects Human, Jotun and Beast), High Flame Field (Normal on 6*, high 7* and up), Gravity Field, (8* and up)


Magic Crystal: 3 enemies with lowest hp fire MATK, All enemies fire MATK, Corrupt x 2 turns


Force Crystal: Front ally row Stoneskin and Frenzy x 2 turns, 3 front enemies fire ATK

Herald of Awakening

Herald of Awakening (1*-9*)

Drops: Sephirah Coin, Cb Token, Small-Large Mana, Nyt/Sylgr Holy (4*-6*), Nyt/Sylgr High Holy (7*+), Thousand Maidens, Odd Chest II

Gullinkambi, 2 ranged water crystals, 2 ranged light automata


Gullinkambi: Action Skill --> Highest MATK and highest ATK, light MATK damage, Slow x 3 turns (Applies to Human, Elf and Therian), DEF and MDEF 20% down x 3 turns

                                               3 front enemies light MATK, Holychain x 3 turns (Applies to Human, Elf and Therian)

                                                All allies Shadow Clone x 1 turn, MATK 30% up x 3 turns and Boon (1 turn)

                       Auto Skill --> All parties light MATK, Poison x 3 turns, Stop x 5 turns (Applies to Human, Elf and Therian) and High Holy Field 


Water Crystal: All enemies water ATK 2 times, Slow and Exhaust x 2 turns, 50% MATK Shield x 2 turns to self


Automata: (Same as Skirnir back) Front ally Quick, Frenzy, Stoneskin x 2 turns, 20% skill gauge up, nullifies all damage to self, stopped by Shadowbound, Shade or Petrify

Sunset Showdown

Sunset Showdown (1*-9*)

Drops: Summer Wristband, Cb Token, Small-Large Mana, Nyt/Sinir Flame (4*-6*), Nyt/Sinir High Flame (7*+), Crimson Rapiers and Odd Chest II

Summer Freya, Lethal Bikini Sasha and Lethal Bikini Risa


Freya: Action Skill --> Back enemy row fire MATK, Burn x 2 turns (Applies to Elf, Therian and Beast)

            Auto Skill --> All parties fire MATK, Flamechain x 3 turns (Applies to Elf, Therian and Beast) and High Flame Field


Sasha: Action Skill --> 3 back enemies light ATK 4 times, Poison and Reckoning x 3 turns (Applies to Elf, Therian and Beast) Self and front ally 50% ATK/MATK Shield x 3 turns and Light ATK Counterattack x 1 turn

            Auto Skill --> 3 front enemies light ATK, Exhaust x 2 turns, all enemies light ATK, Blind x 2 turns


Risa: Action Skill --> 2 front enemies dark MATK 2 times (Ignores shields), DEF and MDEF 20% down x 3 turns, 2 back enemies dark MATK 1 time (Ignores shields), DEF and MDEF 20% down x 3 turns

            Auto Skill --> All enemies dark MATK, Stat Buffs Nullified x 2 turns, all allies Skill Gauge 10% up, Dark MATK Counterattack x 2 turns


War Goddess Beach Boogie

War Goddess Beach Boogie (1*-9*)

Drops: Summer Wristband, Cb Token, Small-Large Mana, Nyt/Sylgr Flame (4*-6*), Nyt/Sylgr High Flame (7*+), Torrential Staff (7*-9*) and Odd Chest II

Tickets: 5*, Viridian Blessed Blade, Spring Light Staff, Skill Rune Knife, Skill Rune Ring

             6*, Earl le Vert, Schwarztrauer, Reforge Knife, Reforge Ring

             7*, Nemesis Rod, Infernal Rifle, Techno Shield, Goldsong Necklace

             8*, Abyss Rifle. Asgardian Wedding Ring, Champion Shield, Nightmare Choker

Azure Summer Frey, 2 Magic Fire Magic Crystal, 2 Ranged Fire Force Crystal


Summer Frey: Action Skill --> All allies ATK 20% up x 3 turns, 2 allies highest ATK Fire Ring x 3 turns, 2 allies highest MATK Frenzy x 3 turns, 2 allies highest ACC Shadow Clone x 1 turn, all enemies fire ATK (Ignores Barriers) Charm x 3 turns (Applies to Elf, Jotun and Beast)

                         Auto Skill --> All parties fire ATK, Flamechain x 3 turns (Applies to Elf, Jotun and Beast), High Flame Field and  Void Field (4*-7*, all parties fire ATK, Fire Wound x 3 turns (Applies to Elf, Jotun and Beast), Flame Field (Only 7*) )


Magic Crystal: All enemies fire MATK 2 times,  Skill Gauge 10% down, Slow x 2 turns (4*-6* , 3 lowest fire resistance fire MATK, Skill gauge 10% down, all enemies fire MATK, Slow x 1 turn)


Ranged Crystal: All allies Stoneskin and Frenzy x 2 turns, 3 front enemies fire ATK (4*-6*, 3 front allies Stoneskin and Frenzy x 1 turn, front enemy fire ATK

Challenge the Dark Knight

Challenge the Dark Knight (1*-6*)

Drops: Cb Token, Small-Large Mana, Beginner Support Ticket (Drops in solo and multi)

Beginner Support Summon: Diamond Summon with Carliss (Buffed), Solar Staff, Bolt Blades, Valorious Mace, Fusion/Token Rune Ring/Knife 5*, Nyt High Chaos, Revolution Flag X, Justice High Uni (Sp.), Fusion/Skill/Reforge/Token Rune Ring/Knife 3* 

Dark Knight Zato, 2 Fire Melee Force Crystals,  2 Ranged Earth Magic Crystal


Zato: Action Skill --> Front enemy dark ATK (50% mroe damage against Aesir)

          Auto Skill --> All parties dark ATK, Slow x 1 turn (Applies to Airborne)

Melee Crystal: 2 front enemies fire ATK, 2 back enemies fire ATK Corrupt x 1 turn


Ranged Crystal: Front ally ATK and MATK 30% up x 2 turns, 2 enemies lowest HP earth MATK 

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