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Gear Activation

I'm very curious.

How does the gear activation works?

1. Do gears activate randomly? or by descending order?

2. Do gears activate alternately? by turns? Does the second gear skill activate after a few turns from the first gear skill?

3. During 'Master', do gears activate simultaneously? or alternately? In what order?

4. During 'Master', how many gears activate? 

Can someone give me a scenario to make me understand things better? 

Thanks a lot in advance :)




I am never sure on the limits

I am never sure on the limits for Necroposting... but I think I can answer this
1)  and 2)
Each turn you either do a basic attack, or a gear skill
Start at the top of your list, each turn move down one
Turn 1: Top of list
Turn 2: 2nd
Turn 3: 3rd
Turn 4: 4th
Turn 5: Return to top and repeat cycle

Gear Skill level determines the chance of that gear's skill acivating (and the power of it, but that is shown in the stats)
Skill LVL1? Very low chance
Skill LVL5? ALMOST guaranteed

3) and 4)
Master lasts for so many turns (listed in the activation description)
Usually 2 turns?
Each turn it is active, that gear skill will activate
IE: Artificial Mirka's ( SP gear gives her Master for the first 2 turns of battle, so the gear at the top two slots of her list will activate.
Her skill gives Master for 3 turns, so the 3 turns after it activates? Those turns the gear WILL activate
It activates on turn 18? Turn 19, 20, and 21 (IE 4th, 1st, and 2nd slots)
It activates on turn 40? Turn 41, 42, and 43 (IE 1st, 2nd, and 3rd slots)

That help?

The closest we seem to have

The closest we seem to have for gear activation rates is probably: skill level 1 40%, sl2 45%, sl3 50%, sl4 55%, sl5 60%. I think. This comes with decent confidence level and the assumption that the rates are multiples of 5%, but from data collected in JP version of the game. Previous spading on global version seemed to indicate sl1/sl2/sl3=40%, sl4/sl5=60%, and with much bigger data set, but much longer ago.

Skills do not, technically, activate on a given turn. They activate out of order when skill gauge reacehs 100% and either you or the automat decide to trigger them (which can even interrupt current gear activation). But if you assume the skill activated "on the last turn that was current before the skill was activated", you are right, as far as I know.

Another thing that interactis with this is Berserk, which is a chance (50%?) to immediately process next gear slot (without waiting an entire turn) as soon as this one is done (heroes do some animation when activating gear, and that takes some time), possibly repeatedly - and then continue as if the entire berserk chain was just the first slot. (example: if berserk activates twice on the first turn, you would see gear from slot 1, slot 2, slot 3, wait for next turn, slot 2, ...).
I am not sure how many times berserk can repeat, if it forces gear or can also do a normal attack instead, if it can only process on a successfull gear activation, ...

I was only talking about Gear

I was only talking about Gear Skills, but your comment on Hero Skills is very aplicable.

I went off your mention that

I went off your mention that Mirka's skill gives her 3 turns of master, that's all.

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