Which heroes should I focus on?

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Which heroes should I focus on?

Here is my current list of heroes - which ones should I work on?


Your notable heroes are Nuut,

Your notable heroes are Nuut, Rajou, Geirrod, Pallone, Oboro, Mei Hou, Muninn, roughly in that order of priority. There are some others like loki, dielle, fei and nautica that you should consider for PvE reasons, but you don't really need to consider them until you have to tackle one of the connects that they're good on. Consider reading rvst's guide on what's good, it's somewhat old but still mostly relevant.

Hi Maeven,

Hi Maeven and everyone,


                      I started playing last week, and these are my heroes. https://garm.ml/user/4599/heroes

I looked through the document you suggested, but it seemed a little out of date (for instance, Frey wasn't on the re-roll list). Would you be able to help out on my units as well? My PvE team is usually Hervor as a tank, Lenneth, Lady Freya, and Reginleif as dps, and Noa as my healer. Please let me know if you have any better suggestions!

Thanks much!!!

Your best heroes are sanngrid

Your best heroes are sanngrid, avencia, ulin, pallone. It's slightly physical heavy but that shouldn't matter too much early on. mei hou, saskia, zato, fang hu, lezard are notable pve options. You'll probably need to do a few yggdra party banners to round out your team more.

if yall want a quicker response it's probably better to go to the community discord.

Which heroes should I focus on?

Let me take advantage of this forum and ash the same question. Here is my current list of heroes - which one should i work on?



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