EX Fenrir Guide: Heroes

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How to EX Fenrir: Is That Dog Annoying You Again? Here's How To Beat It to Hel.


Water Abyss Haze: Abyss Haze (Aqua): Offensive damage & Accuracy greatly reduced. Powerful Water Counterattack from any damage other than Earth and Non-Elementals.

  • Abyss Aqua for 3 turns when Counterattacking
  • Abyss Aqua: Super powerful Water damage every turn & Skill gauge increase greatly reduced
  • You NEED to have at least 1 Haze Dispel.
    • Hero to negate the effect. Haze : Bragi, Awakened Walpurgis, Guangmei.
  • Depending who you have and considering your positions, attempt to use Items that lowers the Cooldown of their abilities so they can cast Haze Dispel more often.


Though It's Advise Not To Use Non-Earth Heroes, There Are a Handful That Have Very Great Use As Long As You Are Capable of Keeping Them Alive. Here Is How To Survive.

  • You need a Sturdy, Strapping, Strong Tank to brace impact and has Freeze Resist or isn't an Aesir, Humans, Therians, and Jotun .
    • Heroes that can take that damage head on are: Guangmei, Jord, Awakened Hrungnir, Camilly.
  • Next you need things to keep you from dying.
    • Heroes that can Heal, grant an HP Buff, have Water Protection, or Anti- Water Wound passives:
      • The Healers: Flora, Sortishia, Noa.
      • The HP Buff: Kushinada.
      • The Water Protector/Leaf Domination: Flora, Awakened Walpurgis
      • The Anti-Water Wound: Soable


Now That You Have What You Need To Survive, Time To Go Over What You Can Do To Defeat Fenrir.

  • Any Earth items are needed. Any items that lower the Cooldown of heroes with Haze are needed. If you have them it should relatively observant to figure which one you should use. 
  • Dispelling Haze is not enough because that just allows you to hit more often and deal more damage, you need a heavy hitting earth hero to have a chance at finishing on time.
    • These are the ones to consider: Porte, Soable, Fuuna, Jord
  • Fenrir's armor guard grants him 20% HP and Quick for two turns. You can use this to your advantage by stealing them them for your own benefits. HUE HUE HUE. 
    • Heroes who has Buffswipe: Granfelt.
  • There are other Statuses and Passives that can help you deal TONS of DAMAGE.
    • Here are the statuses and passives plus the heroes that have them: (^=highest. v=lowest. <=back, front=>)
      • Frenzy- Affected Heroes Deal 50% more damage: Kubira (ALL), Masquerading Huginn (3 <=), Porte (herself)
      • Quick- Affected Heroes have twice the action speed and action gauge fills up faster: Bragi (ALL), Granfelt (3^ Matk), Masquerading Huginn (3 <=), Porte (3 =>)
      • Counterattack & Damage on Dodge- Deals Damage when attacked: Camilly ( Each Counterattack & +5% Attack 3=>), Fuuna (Each Dodge deals Earth Damage to 3v HP)
      • Killer/Domination- Up to 30% of bonus damage against enemy Heroes that applies: Hrungnir (Beast Killer), Fuuna (DEF/MDEF down ALL enemies & Airborne Killer 3<=), Porte (Airborne Killer 3^Atk), Soable (Airborne Killer- ALL dwarves)
      • Leaf Up/Leaf Domination- Up to 20% to all earth Damage dealt by applied heroes: Soable (2^Matk)
      • Boon!- Extend Positive Effects by 1 turn: Flora & Sortishia (ALL)

Notable hero mentions that weren't included because they lack Sustainability, Damage, and/or Utility, but are definitely better than other options not mentioned: Awakened Kili. Filsius. Hanna. Hrist. Gardina. Gylfi.


This may be a hard connect battle, but it is the current endgame content so understand it will take a lot of time before it becomes more doable for the average joe. It is OKAY to not be able to do it YET. If you're still willing to try, then Good Luck, Have Fun! The guide will update according to if any new heroes added that qualifies for the EX Connect. くコ:彡


Thank you!

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As a casual player (but one that has played for a long time), I appreciate the effort put in to document this!  I still need to get Walpurgis and awaken her before I can even attempt it though.

My "successful" team

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I used porte + jord + walpurgis + noa + m. huginn. This way everyone gets the occassional quick, and walpurgis/porte get frenzy. Noa is the only one not almost entirely DPS.
Spam huginn/noa/walpurgis skills. When walpurgis skills, you need to wait a bit before her haze dispell applies. Then skill porte/jord.
I was about 5kps below the recommended minimum and it took me about 20 tries. And I think that was lucky. Most of the time somebody dies too soon.
Without a full-screen dispell, porte is especially important, because she targets the addons first, but I still needed dps from everyone just to cut it close.
In a successful multi with guangmei'-havers, I just slapped some def bangles on the fastest diers, and still did relatively big damage (about half of it, iirc), simply because everything was dispelled all the time.

This is a good guide, and you should feel good.

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I'm usin' Guangmei, Porte, Jord, Noa, & Kubira, but I'm still having trouble.I'd use Walpurgis, but I was a couple of Runes short of unlocking Dispel Haze on her, so I have to wait until the next time she shows up before I can try her out.

Every character, including Noa, is wearing balls-out Earth-damaging gear and everyone is surviving, but I always Time Out between halfway and three-quarters through the last bar.

If you have any advice for squeezing out the last chunk of DPS I need to finish the job, I'd love to hear it.