EX Jormungandr Guide: Heroes

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How to EX Jormungandr: Whale Whale Whale, Looks Like You're Here For Help Because It Was Too OverWhaleming. I'm Not Apologizing.


Abyss Haze (Holy): Offensive damage & Accuracy greatly reduced. Powerful Light Counterattack when damaged by all elements other than Dark and Non-Elemental.

  • Abyss Holy for 3 turns to enemy when Counterattacking
  • Abyss Holy: Super powerful Light damage every turn & Skill gauge increase greatly reduced
  • You NEED to have at least 1 Haze Dispel
    • Heroes who negate the effect of Holy Haze: Awakened Ragnarok, Infected Sif, Awakened Nidhoggr
    • Consider using Items that lowers the Cooldown of their abilities so they can cast Haze Dispel more often if not mostly Dark items.
  • Aesir, Human, Elves, Jotun will be receive Holychain every Auto so they are not recommended.
  • The strategy to clear this EX connect is to have two dispel heroes. One airborne and one grounded. If you only have one of them, clearing would be a very hard, but maybe not impossible task.

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  • Damage distribution is mostly the back row and the front row, still you will need a strong Tank to take on the damage and the ailments.
    • These are the potential heroes in ranking of carrying out their role as Tank
      • Awakened Materia provide Light Resistance to 3 heroes with the lowest Light Resists, and up to 80% to herself
      • Undead Zodie provide Shield to your front 3 heroes as well as Dark Counterattack letting you deal more damage while being attacked
      • Filsius provide similar things like Zodie however it is not dark counterattack, but a better shield because it goes to all your heroes, lowering mdef by 2% to 3 nearest enemies each time they counterattack. 
      • Lindwurm gives himself a Absorption Barrier that can heal off any damage he takes and any damage he receive through Defending any allied heroes that falls under 50% HP for 3 turns. He will also Counterattack and raise his ATK by 10%. The Barrier however goes away after taking 30% of his max health.
      • Hanna shields herself and Counterattack lowering def by 5% every time.
    • Not Very Durable Tank Options: Sakeko, Hyuga, Infected Sif


  • Keeping your heroes alive takes more than just a Tank, try a Healer! Also look out for Light Resistance Passives and certain Statuses.
    • Heroes that can Heal:
      • Flora can cast Resuscitation and restore 15% health to all Allies. Her Soul Spring passive give a constant 10% Regen every turn for the front hero and the farthest hero.
      • Summer Authumla can cast a Absorption Barrier for 15% of max HP or 2 Turns and Skill up to 3 allies with lowest HP and also Soul Spring Passive for 5% Regen every turn to farthest 2 Heroes.
      • Authumla has Soul Spring Passive that gives all Allies 5% Regen every turn.
      • Sortishia heals all allies by 30% each time she use her skill.
    • Not a healer, but ok bro:
      • Lumiere provides shots for everyone giving them Master which lets them actively use their items in this case preferably healing items.
      • Awakened Night Conjurer Luka provide shield against light damage to All Allies
    • Light Resist!:
      • Awakened Ragnarok: Lowest 3
      • Nyatasha: Lowest 3
      • ​Raspi: Lowest 2
      • Summer Authumla: lowest 2

How to Kill Moby Dick 

  • Any Dark items are needed. Any items that lowers the Cooldown of heroes with Haze are needed. If you have them, it should be easy to figure out which ones you should use.
  • Dispelling Haze is not enough because that just allows you to hit more and doesn't debuff your damage. You will need elbow grease and muscles to finish on time.
    • These are the heroes to consider: (list will shorten when after more Data, bare with me くコ:彡)
      • ​Infected Sif:?
      • Cherie:?
      • Raspi:?
      • Luka:?
  • There are heroes mentioned above and maybe not that have statuses and passives that can elevate your damage.
    • Here are the Statuses and Passives and their heroes that you should pay attention to if you looking for a little high.
      • Quick!:​ Action Speed Double and Skill Gauge Fills Faster. Slow can Override Quick and vice versa.
        • Sortishia: All 
        • Chrossy: All
        • Sakeko: All Females
        • Cenia : 3 Lowest HP
      • Master!:​ Will Always Use Their Gears
        • ​Lumiere: All
        • Infected Sif: Self
      • Frenzy!: Deals 50% more damage
        • Infected Sif: Self
      • Feint/Dodge: Increase 50% chance to Avoid damage and Ailments. Avoiding it fulfill requirements for Dodge
        • ​Cherie: Self 120% dark to nearest enemy on Dodge
      • Beserk!: Chance to take their next turn after completing their attack animation
        • Cherie: Self on Dodge
      • Decree!: Will do whatever the effect is after turn 
        • Infected Sif: 50% to nearest enemy + skill gauge down
      • Boon!:​ Extend positive effects by 1 turn
        • Sortishia: All
      • Airborne Killer!: Increase damage against Airborne by up to 30%
        • ​Lindwurm: 3 Highest AT K
        • Nyatasha: 3 Highest Dark Resistance
        • Cenia: 3 highest MATK
      • Beast Killer!: Increase damage against Beasts by up to 30%
        • ​Infected Sif: All 
        • Awakened Nidhoggr: All
        • Lumiere: 1 Highest ATK and MATK
      • ​Chaos Up!: Increase Dark Elemental Attacks by up to 30%
        • ​Nocturna: All
        • Awakened Nidhoggr: All
        • Cherie: 3 Highest ATK
        • Awakened Ragnarok: 3 Highest MATK
      • Anti-Slow!: Resist Slow
        • ​Chrossy: 3 front

Notable hero mentions that weren't included because they lack Sustainability, Damage, and/or Utility, but are definitely better than other options not mentioned: ?

This may be a hard connect battle, but it is the current endgame content so understand it will take a lot of time before it becomes more doable for the average joe. It's OKAY to not be able to do it YET. But like a wise man once said, "If theres a Whale, theres a way". IF you're still looking to try, then Gooooood Luck, Have Fun! THe guide will update according to if any new heroes are added that qualifies for the EX connect or any suggestions anyone has. Until next time くコ:彡


Successful exjorm team

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Did it with Sakeko - iSif - Rag - Nyatasha - Nottka. 16s left, damage split mostly and almost evenly between iSif and Nottka.
Sakeko had full tank gear and survived fine, maybe I was lucky. Maybe I was lucky with cc resist (I have a 4* techno shield, which might have prevented some cc on sakeko and isif).

The problem here is second phase. None of the cc prevents gathering gauge, but one of it has a (50%?) chance of making your skills do nothing. I had to do several tries before enough of them succeeded.