Basic Info

Voice Actor Yuki Kaji (ANN) (MAL)
Initial Rarity 3☆
Type Melee
Race Human
Gender Male
Category Attack on Titan
Hidden Traits Grounded
Damage Type ATK
Skill Element Fire
Field Resistance Gravity Field, Void Field
Targeting Schema Nearest 2, Nearest Row, Self
Targeted Races Human, Elf, Beast
Applied Status Effects Fear, Frenzy


A youth who dreams of living outside the inner walls. He is a member of the Scout Regiment, is strong willed, but sometimes reckless.


HP 1,74044,149
ATK 2075,956
MATK 1002,299
DEF 2176,758
MDEF 1123,450
SPD 1423,440
EVA 1124,029
ACC 1273,293


Fire 160/200
Water 50/200
Earth 90/200
Light 70/200
Dark 130/200
What does this mean?Resists are on a scale from 0 to 200.
100 indicates that the hero does not take increased or decreased damage from an element.
Greater than 100 values indicates that hero takes less damage from an element.
Less than 100 values indicates that the hero takes more damage from an element.

Action Skill

I Have to Do This!
140% Fire ATK damage & Fear for 3 turns to nearest enemy row. 160% Fire ATK damage to 2 nearest enemies. Frenzy for 3 turns to self. *30% damage bonus against Jotun * Fear only affects Humans, Elves, Beasts

Limit Burst

  • Grand Strike

    40% ATK damage to all enemies 6 times. All allied heroes' ATK up 10% for 5 turns.


Anti-Fear (Con.)



Skill Effect: 

Fear resistance 20% up (Constant)
Fear resistance 40% up (Constant)
Fear resistance 60% up (Constant)
Fear resistance 80% up (Constant)
Fear resistance 100% up (Constant)

Eren's Ratings

PvE Rating:
Average: 3.3 (4 votes)
Rate this with respect to general PvE usability.
Connect Battle Rating:
Average: 3.5 (4 votes)
Rate this with respect to Connect Battle usability
Raid Rating:
Average: 3 (3 votes)
Rate this with respect to Raid usability
PvP Rating:
Average: 3.2 (5 votes)
Rate this with respect to general PvP usability.
Arena Rating:
Average: 2.3 (9 votes)
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Grand Arena Rating:
Average: 3 (6 votes)
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Role Rating:
Average: 3.5 (6 votes)
Rate this with respect to how useful it is relative to other stuff that do similar things

Eren's Sp Gear

Basement Key (Sp.)
Welt Splitter (Op/Con)
30% Skill gauge up to 3 farthest back allies (opener). 30% ATK up to self (constant). *Skill increase will only boost ATK
759 662

Connects where Eren excels

Connect Boss Difficulty Rank

Armored Titan Strikes!
S-1 - July 19, 2019 7

Xiang Tong Strikes!
8☆ - June 14, 2019 10

Xiang Tong Strikes!
8☆ - May 13, 2019 10

Xiang Tong Strikes!
8☆ - April 3, 2019 10

Xiang Tong Strikes!
8☆ - March 15, 2019 9



He could be great at...

Dx2-Suta's picture

Has no one considered using Eren for Walpurgis? He could be great at her. 

Reason #1: He has Gravity Field

Reason #2: He has awesome fire damage on his action skill, and he could buff Ranco with his Basement Key and Power Up (Human).

He could also...

Dx2-Suta's picture

He's also a good tank for Sinmara.

Reason #1: He has High Fire Resistance

Reason #2: He is immune to her Fear thanks to his Anti-Fear Passive Skill.

Reason #3: His DEF is normally higher than his ATK.

Sinmara's front crystals have

xKiv's picture

Sinmara's front crystals have reflect to ATK, and he hits front row with his skill (and his fear resist means he will use the skill). And doesn't have AT field. Try it, but he will probably either kill himself or be so tanky that you could have gotten more use out of somebody else.

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