Basic Info

Initial Rarity 3☆
Type Melee
Race Therian
Gender Female
Category Overlord
Hidden Traits Grounded
Damage Type ATK
Field Resistance Mist Field
Applied Status Effects MATK Constant, Status Aliment resistance


HP 1,73757,862
ATK 1994,839
MATK 841,928
DEF 1997,604
MDEF 1416,020
SPD 1282,673
EVA 1213,559
ACC 1222,711


Fire 100/200
Water 100/200
Earth 100/200
Light 60/200
Dark 140/200
What does this mean?Resists are on a scale from 0 to 200.
100 indicates that the hero does not take increased or decreased damage from an element.
Greater than 100 values indicates that hero takes less damage from an element.
Less than 100 values indicates that the hero takes more damage from an element.

Action Skill

ATK, MATK Reflect Barrier for 3 turns or 30% of max HP & Stoneskin, Status Ailment resistance 60% up for 3 turns to all allies.

Limit Burst

  • Boundless Tomb

    40% ATK damage to all enemies 6 times. All allied heroes' ATK and DEF up 10% for 5 turns.


Skill Name Targeting Skill Effect
Attack Immunity <All> (Op/Con) All Allies Status Ailment resistance 50% up for 5 turns (Opener) & MATK 20% up (Constant)
Will of the Strong (Op./Con.) Self Status Ailment resistance 50% up for 10 turns (Opener) & All stats 20% up (Constant)

Albedo's Ratings

PvE Rating:
Average: 3.8 (4 votes)
Rate this with respect to general PvE usability.
Connect Battle Rating:
Average: 3.8 (4 votes)
Rate this with respect to Connect Battle usability
Raid Rating:
Average: 2.7 (3 votes)
Rate this with respect to Raid usability
PvP Rating:
Average: 4.6 (5 votes)
Rate this with respect to general PvP usability.
Arena Rating:
Average: 3.8 (5 votes)
Rate this with respect to Arena usability
Grand Arena Rating:
Average: 4.7 (6 votes)
Rate this with respect to Grand Arena usability
Role Rating:
Average: 3.7 (3 votes)
Rate this with respect to how useful it is relative to other stuff that do similar things

Connects where Albedo excels

Connect Boss Difficulty Rank

Evileye Strikes!
7☆ - November 22, 2020 8

Evileye Strikes!
8☆ - November 22, 2020 8



Lowkey kinda bad

Neroll's picture

I just want to say this stoneskin is good and all but we have heroes that do that effect but deal dmg and or do something else like Raspi, sure reflection could come in handy but it's not really needed. Correct me if I'm wrong though this is just a first imperession but I could see her used in Walpurgis(definitely) and other cbs/scbs were you could use reflection to destroy glass cannon bosses. Again I'm open to other scenarios/opinions but personally I think we have better/versatile tanks rather than a full out defensive one. I tested her out on JP btw.

Useful in pvp

Geo's picture

I feel like many hardcore pvp teams would want to own her , many teams have enough cc and damage already so they just need that super high , from the usual, cc. Also like idk maybe some more cbs that can use reflect strategy

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