Catalyst Bergelmir

Basic Info

Voice Actor Shotaro Morikubo (ANN) (MAL)
Initial Rarity 3☆
Type Melee
Race Jotun
Gender Male
Category Alter Saga
Hidden Traits Grounded
Damage Type ATK
Skill Element Earth
Field Resistance Void Field
Targeting Schema Ally 3, Nearest, Nearest 2, Nearest 3, Nearest 4
Targeted Races Aesir, Elf, Therian
Applied Status Effects DEF Buff, Ignore Barrier, Ignore Counterattack, Stonechain, Regain, Status Aliment resistance, Sureshot


One of the revived Catalysts. He once worked as Utgardar's right hand man, but they had a falling out.


HP 2,37962,829
ATK 2156,959
MATK 742,780
DEF 2608,471
MDEF 1586,045
SPD 1243,246
EVA 1003,845
ACC 1414,934


Fire 60/200
Water 120/200
Earth 130/200
Light 70/200
Dark 120/200
What does this mean?Resists are on a scale from 0 to 200.
100 indicates that the hero does not take increased or decreased damage from an element.
Greater than 100 values indicates that hero takes less damage from an element.
Less than 100 values indicates that the hero takes more damage from an element.

Action Skill

Growth Groove
120% Earth ATK damage & Stonechain for 3 turns to the nearest enemy & 2 nearest enemies & 3 nearest enemies & 4 nearest enemies. Sureshot, DEF 50% up for 2 turns to 3 allies with the highest ATK. *Ignores Barriers & Counterattack *Stonechain effect applies only to Aesir, Elves, Therians

Limit Burst

  • Grand Strike

    40% ATK damage to all enemies 6 times. All allied heroes' ATK up 10% for 5 turns.

Soul Burst

30% ATK Up, 20% Earth Element Damage Up for 30 seconds to all parties in the Raid. Berserk for 10 turns to own party.


Soul Spring (Con.)



Skill Effect: 

Regain 2% HP per turn (Constant)
Regain 4% HP per turn (Constant)
Regain 6% HP per turn (Constant)
Regain 8% HP per turn (Constant)
Regain 10% HP per turn (Constant)
Attack Immunity <3> (Op./Con.)


Allies: 3 with highest ATK

Skill Effect: 

ATK 8% up (Constant) & Status Ailment resistance 50% up for 5 turn(s) (Opener)
ATK 11% up (Constant) & Status Ailment resistance 50% up for 5 turn(s) (Opener)
ATK 14% up (Constant) & Status Ailment resistance 50% up for 5 turn(s) (Opener)
ATK 17% up (Constant) & Status Ailment resistance 50% up for 5 turn(s) (Opener)
ATK 20% up (Constant) & Status Ailment resistance 50% up for 5 turn(s) (Opener)

Catalyst Bergelmir's Ratings

PvE Rating:
Average: 4.4 (14 votes)
Rate this with respect to general PvE usability.
Connect Battle Rating:
Average: 4 (12 votes)
Rate this with respect to Connect Battle usability
Raid Rating:
Average: 4.8 (11 votes)
Rate this with respect to Raid usability
PvP Rating:
Average: 3.5 (13 votes)
Rate this with respect to general PvP usability.
Arena Rating:
Average: 3.7 (21 votes)
Rate this with respect to Arena usability
Grand Arena Rating:
Average: 3.9 (15 votes)
Rate this with respect to Grand Arena usability
Role Rating:
Average: 4.5 (13 votes)
Rate this with respect to how useful it is relative to other stuff that do similar things

Connects where Catalyst Bergelmir excels

Connect Boss Difficulty Rank

Marmalade Strikes!
8☆ - July 6, 2020 10

Melody of Pride
S-2 - May 31, 2020 7

Scary Sacred Night
S-2 - May 31, 2020 8

Easter Carnival Waves
8☆ - May 31, 2020 10

Moonlit Spa
8☆ - May 31, 2020 9



rip bio

Sakuu's picture

\(º □ º l|l)/

Please reconcile.

How to read the AS?

Gozu's picture

Is it just weird wording or should it be understood as: 4x120% earth dmg to nearest, 3x120% earth damage to 2nd nearest and so on?

Not in that order, but total.

xKiv's picture

Not in that order, but total. That's how I read it.

This can probably affect who the targets will be in the successive batches. Let's label enemy party A B C D E, and let's say three strikes would be enough to kill any of them (but 2 aren't).
Then the way you wrote would be 1) 4x to A, kills A 2) 3x to B, kills B. 3) 2x to C, survives, 4) 1x to D, survives; E is unharmed.
But what might instead happen is 1) 1x to A 2) 1x to A, 1x to B 3) 1x to A (dies), 1x to B, 1x to C; now B is nearest 4) 1x to B (dies), 1x to C, 1x to D, 1x to E (this sequence landed an extra strike worth of damage, on E)

great analysis

Zxero's picture

he really is that powerful. well thats why we need to buy diamonds...

game notifs

Kitterly's picture

This morning I woke up and saw that Valkyrie Connect had given me a notification related to Bergelmir. Here's what it said:
"The new Alter Saga hero's chest gives Vidar's a run for its money. (lenny face) He'll be great in the..."

And then I couldn't read the rest. wink


Dx2-Suta's picture

In response to what you shared, here are his awakening passives:

Life Up <Consant> HP 15% Up to self (constant)

Guard Up <Constant> DEF 30% Up to self (constant)

Mind Up <Constant> MDEF 15% Up to self (constant)

(probably not the official name)  Immortal Valley <Op/Con> Slow x 5 turns to all Grounded Enemies (opener) & Damage 20% Up against Aesir to all allies (constant)

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