Harvest God Idun

Basic Info

Voice Actor Mai Aizawa (ANN) (MAL)
Initial Rarity 2☆
Type Magic
Race Aesir
Gender Female
Category Diamond Summon
Hidden Traits Grounded
Damage Type MATK
Skill Element Other
Field Resistance Mist Field
Targeting Schema All Allies, Ally 1, Self
Applied Status Effects All Stats Buff, Reflection Barrier, Debuff Immune


A kind goddess who cares for the golden apples which give the Aesir their power. She has a gentle personality and gets along with just about everybody.


HP 1,16934,229
ATK 1033,210
MATK 1505,207
DEF 1033,647
MDEF 1595,162
SPD 1363,290
EVA 1183,342
ACC 1243,755


Fire 80/200
Water 100/200
Earth 140/200
Light 160/200
Dark 20/200
What does this mean?Resists are on a scale from 0 to 200.
100 indicates that the hero does not take increased or decreased damage from an element.
Greater than 100 values indicates that hero takes less damage from an element.
Less than 100 values indicates that the hero takes more damage from an element.

Action Skill

Apple Pompom
All Stats 10% up & Stat Debuffs Nullified for 3 turns to all allies. ATK/MATK Reflection Barrier for 2 turns or 20% of max HP to self and lowest HP ally.

Limit Burst

  • Divine Wrath

    10% of average of ATK and MATK as Light damage to all enemies 20 times. All allied heroes' DEF and MDEF up 10% for 5 turns.

Harvest God Idun's Ratings

PvE Rating:
Average: 2.3 (4 votes)
Rate this with respect to general PvE usability.
Connect Battle Rating:
Average: 1.8 (4 votes)
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Raid Rating:
Average: 1 (2 votes)
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PvP Rating:
Average: 1 (3 votes)
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Arena Rating:
Average: 1.4 (8 votes)
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Grand Arena Rating:
Average: 1.3 (4 votes)
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Role Rating:
Average: 1.8 (8 votes)
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What exactly does she remove?

xKiv's picture

What exactly does she remove?
Debuffs normally means "stat down", not ailments. But, iirc, she removes curse first (otherwise the curse would prevent her from applying the +10% allstat up).
And I am just now reading in chat that she also removes reckoning.

Afaik Idun does not remove

Gozu's picture

Afaik Idun does not remove curse or reckoning (as they are status ailments, as you say). Curse won't prevent the application of "stat debuffs nullified" or 10% up to all stats, as they have nothing to do with each other. HP 10% up, e.g., is not a heal and won't be affected by curse or reckoning. If a hero is afflicted by, let's say, a 30% ATK down debuff + curse, Idun will remove the ATK down debuff and apply a 10% ATK up (+10% to all other stats), but the curse will still be active.

Actually her skill does

DoctorEvil6's picture

Actually her skill does remove Curse, you can run Idun in Aegir to see for yourself, but ofc with the near crystals reapplying curse often that doesn't make Idun skill really anymore helpful than adding another Earth row gear, but Idun skill WILL remove Curse nonetheless.

Reckoning does not prevent

xKiv's picture

Reckoning does not prevent statups, but curse does. If Idun didn't remove the curse, the +10% would be prevented.
Anyway, I have now even seen somebody claim to have seen Idun remove charm, so she probably removes all ailments, and the skill text is just wrong and misleading.

Curse is basically stat buff

DoctorEvil6's picture

Curse is basically stat buff/heal prevention(Curse won't remove an existing stat buff, only prevents new ones being applied) so I can see why Idun's skill is able to remove it. However that only applies to Curse(as it's buff related) not to any other status effect that I know of.

I guess the development

xKiv's picture

I guess the development process there was this:
A: she will do stat up, that's good
B: but that doesn't work if the target has curse, then she would do nothing
A: so we will have her remove the curse first, so she's not so useless
C: that's too difficult to implement ... I know, we already have a thing to remove all ailments, let's hook it up to that and leave for lunch
D: (forgets to update skill description)

Idun's ability to remove

DoctorEvil6's picture

Idun's ability to remove Curse before applying her buff is most likely a developer oversight because Odin's sp/spx and Freya's Wedding Dress both provide debuff immunity just like Idun, but they don't remove Curse. In regards to "C" there isn't anything in VC that actually "removes" all status ailments, unless you meant stat debuff (which some bosses, heroes and gear do) or status ailment protection (which only prevents status ailments from being applied it doesn't remove them). Idun maybe the only known case of true "status ailment removal" even if it only one status effect.

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