Night Conjurer Nott

Basic Info

Initial Rarity 3☆
Type Magic
Race Elf
Gender Female
Category Star Party
Hidden Traits Grounded
Damage Type MATK
Skill Element Dark
Field Resistance Mist Field
Targeting Schema All Enemies, Lowest Resistance 1
Targeted Races Human, Therian, Jotun
Applied Status Effects All Stats Debuff, Blind, Slow


A former Aesir with a name whose name itself means "night". The pain of her own power was too great to bear, so she gave up her divinity and was reborn as an elf.


HP 1,29433,410
ATK 1042,257
MATK 2186,113
DEF 1302,879
MDEF 2135,036
SPD 2014,248
EVA 1594,227
ACC 1563,229


Fire 100/200
Water 130/200
Earth 60/200
Light 60/200
Dark 150/200
What does this mean?Resists are on a scale from 0 to 200.
100 indicates that the hero does not take increased or decreased damage from an element.
Greater than 100 values indicates that hero takes less damage from an element.
Less than 100 values indicates that the hero takes more damage from an element.

Action Skill

200% Dark MATK damage and all stats (other than HP) 30% down for 3 turns to enemy with lowest Dark resistance. Blind, Slow for 3 turns to all enemies. *Ailments apply only to Humans, Therians, Jotun

Limit Burst

  • Black Hole

    40% of average of ATK and MATK as Dark damage to all enemies 5 times. All allied heroes' ATK and MATK up 10% for 5 turns.


Guard Up (Con.)


Allies: 3 with lowest DEF

Skill Effect: 

DEF 3% up (Constant)
DEF 6% up (Constant)
DEF 9% up (Constant)
DEF 12% up (Constant)
DEF 15% up (Constant)

Night Conjurer Nott's Sp Gear

Moonless Night X (Sp.)
Nightmare Flame
180% Dark MATK damage & all stats (other than HP) 10% down for 1 turn to enemy with lowest Dark resistance.
1,175 354

Moonless Night (Sp.)
Nightmare Flame
180% Dark MATK damage & all stats (other than HP) 10% down for 1 turn to enemy with lowest Dark resistance.
829 216

Connects where Night Conjurer Nott excels

Connect Boss Difficulty Rank

Xmas Thiazi Strikes!
7☆ - May 31, 2020 8

Xmas Thiazi Strikes!
8☆ - May 31, 2020 8

Hraesvelgr Strikes!
8☆ - December 24, 2019 10

Hraesvelgr Strikes!
8☆ - September 27, 2019 7

Xmas Thiazi Strikes!
7☆ - August 21, 2019 8



Nott in Connects

Clocks's picture

This is taken from reddit user u/Shintouyu's post here:

Looking at the Connect Bosses, Nott will do (various levels of) good at:

Sutr: Nott has 2.0 Fire Res. Sutr has 2.0 Dark-Res, thus will always be targeted by Nott's Action Skill (his Crystals are Dark and Fire). Nott is an Elf and immune to Sutr's Burn/Fear. If his Near Crystals aren't destroyed yet, then Nott can counter his DEF/MDEF Buffs with her Action Skill.
Vidofnir: Similar reasons as Sutr. Though, the 2 "Nearest Crystals" need to be crystal-crush, since they target the Highest MATK Hero, which Nott likely is; they likewise increase Vidofnir's MATK/MDEF, which Nott can counter with her Action Skill.
Aegir: Nott has 2.6 or 2.7 Water-Res. She's female, so she's immune to the Slow Male Auto-Effect. Aegir has 1.0 Dark-Res, so she'll always be targeted by Nott's Action Skill (her Crystals are Water). However, the Far Crystals apply Dark-Reflect Barrier to Aegir, so you need crush those so that Nott can actually hurt Aegir.
Thiazi: Nott has 2.0 Fire-Res, 2.6 Water-Res, and 1.2 Earth-Res; so she can fairly endure 2/3 of Thiazi's Random-Targeting Action Skill. She is Elf, thus immune to his Additional Damage To Aesir and Confusion gimmicks. Thiazi has 0.8 Dark-Res, so he'll always be targeted by Nott's Action Skill (his Crystals are Fire, Water, and Earth). Her Action Skills can counter the Fire Crystal's All Stats Except HP UP Buff for Thiazi.
Heidrun: Nott is usable here because she's got like 3.0 Dark-Res and Heidrun is all Dark PATK. She's an Elf, so she's immune to his Blind/Paralyze gimmick. His Nearest Crystals grants him ATK/MATK Buffs, so Nott's Action Skill can counter it.
Sinmara: Same as the other Fire Connects above. Nott's has 2.0 Fire-Res which is barely tolerable. Sinmara's got 1.5 Dark-Res (and her Crystals are Fire), so she'll always be targeted by Nott's Action Skill. Nott is an Elf and thus immune to Fire Wound/Fear. Nearest Crystals need to be crushed though, since those provide Stats Debuff Nullified to Sinmara, which counters Nott's Action Skill.
Boelthor: Same deal as Heidrun. Nott is useful because Dark-Res and immunity to his gimmicks. However, she doesn't do much besides that, especially since Boelthor is not susceptible to Nott's Action Skill, because his Far Crystals provide Stats Debuff Nullified for him (and the Far Crystals are basically indestructible).
Hraesvelgr:Basically a DPS-Race, since Nott has 1.2 Light-Res, while everything here is weak to Dark (Hraesvelgr has 1.2 Dark-Res, and the Light Crystals have 0 Dark-Res). Nott's an Elf, so she's immune to the Silence gimmick.
Volundr: Similar reasons to Thiazi. If you build your team right, then Nott shouldn't be one of the "Nearest 3" that Volundr usually targets; she should only ever get hit by his First Auto-Skill (which can still hurt because it's Earth PATK). Has 2 Light Crystals which she can crush, and Volundr himself has 0.8 Light-Res.

Strong killer! Given her 200%

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Strong killer! Given her 200% Dark Matk she CAN deal a 400% damage to lowest dark resistance enemy which is a mega kill. DAMN! And she applies double ailment to all (selected) enemies. She can conquer the ranged enemies as she can slow and blind them hahahaha. I want her now! 

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