Vindicator Randvitter

Basic Info

Voice Actor Yui Ogura (ANN) (MAL)
Initial Rarity 3☆
Type Magic
Race Therian
Gender Female
Category Apocalypse Burst
Hidden Traits Grounded
Damage Type MATK
Skill Element Earth
Field Resistance Eclipse Field, Void Field
Targeting Schema All Allies, Lowest Resistance 3
Applied Status Effects Airborne Killer Constant, Earth element Buff, Grace, Healing, Frenzy, Sureshot


A spirit who has lived a long life harmoniously with nature. At first glance she appears to be just an innocent girl, but an immense power dwells within her body.


HP 1,29445,331
ATK 782,330
MATK 27011,009
DEF 1717,130
MDEF 2118,238
SPD 1693,615
EVA 1483,105
ACC 1333,560


Fire 40/200
Water 110/200
Earth 160/200
Light 110/200
Dark 80/200
What does this mean?Resists are on a scale from 0 to 200.
100 indicates that the hero does not take increased or decreased damage from an element.
Greater than 100 values indicates that hero takes less damage from an element.
Less than 100 values indicates that the hero takes more damage from an element.

Action Skill

Viridian Imperium
Restore 30% of max HP & Earth element damage 30% up for 3 turns to all allies. 150% Earth MATK damage to 3 enemies with lowest Earth resistance. *HP Restore depends on recoverable amount

Apocalypse Burst

100% Earth MATK damage to 1 enemy each with lowest HP, ATK, DEF, MATK, MDEF, SPD, EVA, ACC. Grace 1 time to all allies. Sureshot for 5 turns to all allied parties. *Ignore Shields *Grace: 80% Earth MATK Counterattack *Grace ignores Shields & Counterattacks


Skill Name Targeting Skill Effect
Brave Heart <3> (Op/Con) Allies: 3 with highest MATK Frenzy for 5 turns (Opener) MATK 30% up (Constant)
Sky Killer <3> (Con) Allies: 3 with highest MATK Damage 30% up against Airborne enemies (Constant)

Vindicator Randvitter's Ratings

PvE Rating:
Average: 4 (11 votes)
Rate this with respect to general PvE usability.
Connect Battle Rating:
Average: 3.8 (9 votes)
Rate this with respect to Connect Battle usability
Raid Rating:
Average: 3.4 (7 votes)
Rate this with respect to Raid usability
PvP Rating:
Average: 2.7 (14 votes)
Rate this with respect to general PvP usability.
Arena Rating:
Average: 2.6 (15 votes)
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Grand Arena Rating:
Average: 2.6 (10 votes)
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Role Rating:
Average: 3.5 (10 votes)
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Best Connect Battles

Dx2-Suta's picture

Based on my personal assessment of her, she would do very well against Nerthus, Aegir (use Quick or something to back her up), Don Pinguino, Omnipotence Training, EX Marmalade and even Raging Dragon Glacier.


Omega's picture

Please please please correct me if I'm wrong. In my honest opinion this is probably the least valuable vindicator yet. I got her and she isnt really useful anywhere. Her heal skill doesnt do much of anything in arena or connect battles, her MATK is quite impressive but her damage output has been very low anywhere I've used her. Tried all the water CBS and Glacier Dragon but shes not really essential. Rounds finish faster in my passes without her. Am I misunderstanding her strengths or is she just not that good?

It could of course also be a gear issue for me which I always love suggestions if anyone has any :)

And yes lol I did match her with other earth units to take advantage of the earth damage up portion of her skill. :)


Dx2-Suta's picture

Sorry, Omega. But I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with you there. You do have a point, she can be one of the least useful Vindicators, even for PvE. But using her mainly for water CB's like the ones that I had mentioned in my previous comment on Randvitter should help you out a ton. And it could be your gear, too. All I'm saying is that you have really good points, but I think that she is still a bit more useful.

Thank you for sharing your opinion! I look forward to hearing your analysis and critique of my comment!

Good points

Omega's picture

I want her to be strong. lol. Thats the thing. I agree her talents have yet to be revealed. I think as more heros come out with similar heal augments we will find more appropriate uses for her skills. I think my problem is I'm to op for her. When your leading with a gold fotma and backing with Tatsu or Sloth not many other earth heros have a place in your heart. lol. I will definitely still keep playing around with her and see if I can find her strengths. :) thank you for keeping it respectful and presenting very well thought out perspectives. 

You're welcome

Dx2-Suta's picture

You're welcome, Omega! The last thing that I want to do is act like a lot of people that are on social media and lambaste you for opinion. And you did present great points, those Yellow Grade Fotmas are very tedious to deal with. Also, (not to boast or feed your ego) but you probably are too OP for her, like you mentioned. If you find some better results for her, let me know.

unnoticeable heal

Apolec's picture

i got her and her heal is unnoticeable to non existent.  i only saw the effect of her heal once, during the CB, she is the only one left standing.  then out of nowhere, BAAMM, almost 50% of HP were recovered.  sadly she didn't even last for 2 seconds and got one shotted right away.

One of the most worthless limited units?

Neroll's picture

Forgive me but other than being a good healer, giving earth boost and giving 5 turn frenzy and a 30% matk buff on her passive you don't need to roll for her. Sorti exists and not only does she heal she also gives quick and energy personally she's kind of doodoo and probably the worst limited unit I'm talking about major summons btw not the free summons besides Albedo. Nowadays we don't need defensive units like Albedo just to clarify why.

Your point?

Neroll's picture

Yeah and so? Your not counteracting my point just stating something. Randvitter is still kind of trash in both pvp and pve sure her heals are wicked when needed but their's a timer for a reason.

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