Adventurer Granfelt

Basic Info

Initial Rarity 3☆
Type Ranged
Race Human
Gender Female
Category Limited
Hidden Traits Grounded
Damage Type MATK
Skill Element Earth
Field Resistance Mist Field
Targeting Schema Ally 3, Highest Stat 2
Applied Status Effects DEF Debuff, MDEF Debuff, Multi-Hit, Quick, Buff Swipe


A treasure hunter who values money and treasure above all. Travels around in search of valuables trying to get rich quick.


HP 1,41936,131
ATK 1242,606
MATK 1883,798
DEF 1353,341
MDEF 1413,049
SPD 2194,699
EVA 1663,903
ACC 1804,465


Fire 60/200
Water 80/200
Earth 160/200
Light 120/200
Dark 80/200
What does this mean?Resists are on a scale from 0 to 200.
100 indicates that the hero does not take increased or decreased damage from an element.
Greater than 100 values indicates that hero takes less damage from an element.
Less than 100 values indicates that the hero takes more damage from an element.

Action Skill

Discovery Hunt
Buff Swipe, Quick for 3 turns to 3 allies with the highest MATK. 40% Earth MATK damage 5 times & DEF 30% down for 3 turns to enemy with highest DEF. 40% Earth MATK damage 5 times & MDEF 30% down for 3 turns to enemy with highest MDEF. *30% damage bonus againse airborne enemies

Limit Burst

  • Earthen Breath

    20% of average of ATK and MATK as Earth damage to all enemies 10 times. Restore 10% of max HP to all allied heroes.


Magic Up <2> (Con.)


Allies: 2 with highest MATK

Skill Effect: 

MATK 8% up (Constant)
MATK 11% up (Constant)
MATK 14% up (Constant)
MATK 17% up (Constant)
MATK 20% up (Constant)
Anti-Freeze (Con.)



Skill Effect: 

Freeze resistance 20% up & DEF 8% up (constant)
Freeze resistance 40% up & DEF 11% up (constant)
Freeze resistance 60% up & DEF 14% up (constant)
Freeze resistance 80% up & DEF 17% up (constant)
Freeze resistance 100% up & DEF 20% up (constant)

Connects where Adventurer Granfelt excels

Connect Boss Difficulty Rank

Don Pinguino Strikes!
8☆ - January 12, 2020 7

Don Pinguino Strikes!
8☆ - December 24, 2019 7

Don Pinguino Strikes!
S-1 - September 27, 2019 9

Summer Brunhild Strikes!
S-2 - September 27, 2019 4



There appears to be an issue

Maeven's picture

Edit/Update: it's fixed

There appears to be an issue where her basic attack uses atk but her skill uses matk right now.

I'm relisting her as ATK for the time being

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