Nine-Tailed Tamamo

Basic Info

Initial Rarity 3☆
Type Ranged
Race Therian
Gender Female
Category Limited
Hidden Traits Grounded
Damage Type MATK
Skill Element Light
Field Resistance Mist Field, Void Field
Targeting Schema Nearest 3
Applied Status Effects ACC Debuff, ATK Debuff, DEF Debuff, EVA Debuff, MATK Debuff, MDEF Debuff, Multi-Hit, SPD Debuff


A well-known fox spirit from Yamato. She can't seem to sit still and is often seen in human settlements.


HP 1,33337,201
ATK 1192,757
MATK 1794,214
DEF 1272,887
MDEF 1353,483
SPD 2185,187
EVA 1934,465
ACC 1894,281


Fire 140/200
Water 60/200
Earth 90/200
Light 150/200
Dark 60/200
What does this mean?Resists are on a scale from 0 to 200.
100 indicates that the hero does not take increased or decreased damage from an element.
Greater than 100 values indicates that hero takes less damage from an element.
Less than 100 values indicates that the hero takes more damage from an element.

Action Skill

55% Light MATK damage 3 times & 3 random stats (other than HP) 20% down for 3 turns to 3 nearest enemies.

Limit Burst

  • Fimbulvetr

    40% MATK damage to all enemies 6 times. All allied heroes' MATK up 10% for 5 turns.

Nine-Tailed Tamamo's Sp Gear

Nine-Tailed Cheering Outfit (Sp.)
Kyuen Shouka
50% Dark Resistance Up for 2 turns to 2 allies with the lowest Dark Resistance. 140% Light MATK damage to 3 nearest enemies. *Ignores Counterattack *20% damage boost to Therians
6,669 693 795 154

Foxy Charm (Sp.)
Fox's Blessing (Constant)
HP 25% up & stat debuffs nullified to self (constant effect).
Max HP Max SPD Max EVA
3,115 433 306

Foxy Charm X (Sp.)
Fox's Blessing (Constant)
HP 25% up & stat debuffs nullified to self (constant effect).
Max HP Max SPD Max EVA
4,463 626 457

Connects where Nine-Tailed Tamamo excels

Connect Boss Difficulty Rank

Yatsude Strikes!
8☆ - September 27, 2019 9

Yatsude Strikes!
8☆ - August 21, 2019 10

Yatsude Strikes!
8☆ - July 3, 2019 10



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