4th Anniv. Raffle Ticket Available Now! - Oct 16, 2020

This could be your big chance at amazing rewards!
The Raffle will be held in 3 parts, so don't miss out!

Part 1 10/9 (Fri.) after maintenance - 10/16 (Fri.) 06:00 UTC

Part 2 10/16 (Fri.) after maintenance - 10/23 (Fri.) 06:00 UTC

Part 3 10/23 (Fri.) 06:00 - 10/30 (Fri.) 06:00 UTC

■How to Participate

Step 1 :
Log in to Valkyrie Connect.

Step 2 :
1x Raffle Ticket will be sent to your Gift Box during the event!

4th Anniv. Raffle Ticket - Part 2

(Up to 1)

Step 3 :
Clear specified Challenges for additional Raffle Tickets!

4th Anniv. Challenge II

Until 10/23 (Fri.) 06:00 UTC

Step 4 :
Hold on to your Raffle Tickets and wait for the drawing!

Announcement of Results:
Winners will be announced on our social media accounts!




<NAVER café>

Distribution of Prizes:
Prizes will be sent to the giftboxes of winners.

■Part 2 Prizes

■Participation Prize
Players who were not drawn to receive another prize will receive this.
Diamonds x100

■Announcement of Results
Once the event ends, the raffle will be held.
Winners will be announced on our social media accounts!
Prizes that have multiple winners will be sent individually so there may be a time delay.

* Prizes will all be sent individually to player's giftboxes.

■Players Eligible for the Raffle
Have any of the below eligible Raffle Tickets at the time of the drawing

4th Anniv. Raffle Ticket - Part 2

■About Raffle Tickets
Raffle Tickets can be sold for Mana at any time.

* You will not be able to participate if you sell your Raffle Tickets before the drawing, so please be careful.

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