Erza's Special Coaching - Mar 23, 2020

In this event, play and clear the Connect Battle to earn points!
Reach certain point milestones for rewards!
Additionally, all players will be ranked against one another when the event ends. Players who rank highly will be rewarded handsomely!
*See the event screen for details on rewards. Tap a reward's icon to view details.

Until 3/31 (Tue.) 06:00 UTC

■Boosted Heroes
Boosted heroes will have effects that activate if in your party.
Boosted heroes are marked with icons on the party creation screen.

Boost effects associated with icons for this event are listed below.

Boost Icon Stats Up Effect Drop Bonus Ranking Point Up Effect
x2 x1.5 x2
x1.5 - -

* Reward boost effect goes up to a maximum of 2x.
* Stats up effects apply only to the boosted hero.

A party that's suited to the battle will perform much better than one that is not! To see what kind of party you need, check the following from the Connect Battle's screen.
- A summary is listed at the top of the Connect Battle. Refer to it when deciding your heroes and gear!
- Tap the "Crown" icon to see a list of heroes that have most been used to win the battle by other players. If a high percentage of players win with a certain hero, they must be great for the battle!
- Tap each enemy's icon before starting the battle to confirm specific details.

©Hiro Mashima, KODANSHA/FAIRY TAIL Committee, TV TOKYO

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