Guildra Clash! - Jan 26, 2021

Fight alongside your guild members for glory!
Guildra Clash!

Aim for a high ranking and go for exclusive rewards!

■Pre-Battle Prep Period
Until 1/26 (Tue.) 20:00 UTC

■Battle Period
1/26 (Tue.) 22:00 - 1/31 (Sun.) 16:00 UTC

■Results Revealed
1/31 (Sun.) 22:00 - 2/4 (Thu.) 06:00 UTC

* New members cannot join and existing members cannot leave guilds participating in the Guildra Clash during the Battle Period.

- Your guild can join in if any guild member has earned Guild EXP within the last 2 months, including the preparation period!

- Every day at 22:00 UTC, you'll face a new guild! Earn more points than your opponent to win the day!

- Play the below event to earn points! You can only earn points for a set amount of time, so try to clear it quickly!
Sleipnir Strikes!

- The points earned by each guild member will determine who wins, and the winning guild is the one with more points!

- Winning against an opponent guild grants tons of points that will help your guild climb the rankings! Losing also grants some points for participating!

- Earn Guild Ranking Rewards and Personal Ranking Rewards based on the points you receive!

* Guild EXP is earned by consuming Stamina or battling in the Arena.

* The eligible Connect Battles will be different each time the Guildra Clash is held.

* See the Help page for more details.

■Featured Rewards
-Guild Effect

This is an effect granted to a guild based on the Guildra Clash Ranking.
A special effect will be active for a set period once the effect is granted.

EXP up when Fusing Gear
EXP 100% up when Fusing Gear
Event Coin Drops Up
You will receive more Event Coins than usual upon beating a Connect Battle.

1/31 (Sun.) 22:00 - 2/10 (Wed.) 06:00 UTC
* "Event Coin" refers to the event-exclusive Coins earnable in the next event.
* See the Help page for more details.

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