"Pride of a Kingdom" Available Now! - Jul 31, 2020

<div class="msg description" _id="5936" >Special Scenario Quests available for a limited time! Complete the Event Missions for great rewards!<br /><br />The quests have three difficulties: NORMAL, HARD, and HELL. Clear the quests on a difficulty to unlock the next one!<br/><br/><br />* Mercenaries cannot be used to complete the clear conditions.<br /><br /><img src='http://res.ww.valkyrieconnect.com/saga-admin/assets/event/200331/en/img_... width='99%' height='auto' /><br /><br /><b>■Availability</b><br />Until 8/8 (Sat.) 06:00 UTC<br /><br /><b>■Boosted Heroes</b><br />Boosted heroes will have effects that activate if in your party.<br />Boosted heroes are marked with icons on the party creation screen.<br /><br />Boost effects associated with icons for this event are listed below.<br /><table border="1" width="95%"><tr style="background-color:#c0c0c0"><td>Boost Icon</td><td>Stats Up Effect</td></tr><tr align="center"><td><img src='http://res.ww.valkyrieconnect.com/saga-admin/assets/character/icon_effec... width='50%' height='auto' /> </td><td>x3</td></tr></table><br />* Stats up effects apply only to the boosted hero.<br /><br /></div>

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Friday, July 31, 2020 - 00:00

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Friday, July 31, 2020 - 00:00

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